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Password-Related Articles and News

Pets' names most common UK passwords

Internet security in the UK is a shambles, with most people using references as obvious as the name of their partner or pet for vital online passwords.
According to a survey by credit card firm Visa Europe, well over three quarters of surfers choose passwords relating to friends, family and memorable dates.


Complex passwords made easy

...If I have your password, I have your account; and if I have your account then as far as the computer is concerned, I am you...
...Users choose simple passwords; they share them with one another or, if the password is difficult or is forced on them, they write it down. Passwords form the first and best line of defence against "identity theft", but are almost universally misused.


Computer users still choosing obvious passwords

Over three-quarters of internet users are persistently ignoring password best practice and use obvious passwords, research shows.
...The research shows that the bulk of computer users chose passwords that relate to friends, families, memorable dates, pets and nicknames.


Bugwatch: The hidden hazards of passwords

Administrators, like many of us, have the best of intentions, but the more those passwords exchange hands or remain unchanged, the greater the likelihood of a security breach. Also, because administrative passwords frequently need to be shared, there is an increased risk that they are just left lying around somewhere.


Guidelines For Choosing a Good Password

It is easy to break into any account with a 'bad' password. Such break-ins compromise the whole system, so all users must bear the resposibility of choosing good passwords.


Establishing Good Password Policies

Since users are responsible for creating their own passwords, it is up to the system administrator to educate users on what does and does not constitute a good password. Being human, it is far easier to remember a password that is the same as my username, my real name, my nickname, my dog's name, etc. Unfortunately, these are all examples of bad passwords.


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