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So you think your PC and important files are protected by your current password?

Over 3/4 of internet users use simple, easy to guess passwords. Security experts say that passwords are the weakest links. Are you sure that you and your staff use strong secure passwords to protect important documents and vital information from prying eyes?

Download our password generation software for free and start to generate and use secure, difficult-to-crack passwords!

Generate secure passwords with a single mouse click!

Our software is designed for those who care about their informational security both on the Internet and at work and for those who often have to create and use secure passwords in their work.

Password Generator Pro
Professional Edition

SoftFuse Password Generator Pro

Key Features:

  • Creating secure, unique and strong passwords up to 255 characters length
  • Generating lists including up to 999,999,999 unique passwords
  • Generating complex passwords by user-defined masks
  • Saving passwords to a file (txt, csv, xml, html, pdf) to use it with Outlook, Excel or Database
  • and more...

This version is intended for:

  • System administrators
  • Security accounts managers
  • Internet service providers
  • It-professionals
  • Advanced users


Password Generator Std
Standard Edition

SoftFuse Password Generator Std

Key Features:

  • Creating strong, secure passwords up to 128 characters length
  • Generating lowercase, uppercase or mixed-case alphanumeric passwords and lists including up to 100 unique passwords
  • Generating complex passwords by user-defined masks
  • and more...

This version is intended for:

  • It-professionals
  • Advanced and regular users


Password Generator Free

SoftFuse Password Generator Free

Key Features:

  • Creating random passwords up to 128 characters length
  • Generating lowercase, uppercase or mixed-case alphanumeric passwords
  • Using additional and special characters in your passwords

This version is intended for:

  • Regular users


What do you need it for?

Password Generator generates secure passwords, improves your informational security and passive protection against viruses, worms, hackers' attacks...

Generate complex, difficult-to-crack unique passwords for your staff and youself! Protect your computer system and sensitive data with strong password!

Rest assured that your correspondence, documents and other important information is protected even more securely than usually!

What security experts say about passwords...

"In perilous online world, complex passwords needed..." - The Associated Press

"The password is often the first line of online defence, but is also often very simple to crack..." - Neil Barrett, IT Week

"Simple passwords expose your PC to attack by 'Backdoor' Worm..." - Jon Miyake, Acceptable Use Policy Officer

"The more complex the password, the tougher it is to crack. Yet security specialists describe groan-out-loud encounters with people who guilelessly use part of their Social Security number, their telephone number, a family name, a pet name or a street name as a password. Others use easily cracked sequential numbers such as '1234' or just the word 'password'..." - Dan Thanh Dang, Sun Staff

"...dictionary attacks can crack a password system in a matter of minutes. One way to protect against a dictionary attack is to force users to rely on long password strings with combinations of letters, numbers and special characters..." - Paul Korzeniowski, TechNewsWorld

"Passwords are the weakest links..." - Ron Nguyen, operations manager for the Advanced Security Center at Ernst & Young

Passwords & Security

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Complex passwords made easy
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